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To learn about Joomla!, hone your web design and development skills, get expert training and connect with fellow Joomla! / Web Design enthusiasts.


Joomla! User Group

About us ?

the Joomla! user group Zeralda aims to launch training workshops and conferences in the region of the Zeralda sidi Abdellah. we address to amateurs and professionals to evangelize the use of joomla! and Offer a platform of networking and resources to professionals.

Joomla! User Group Zeralda,
offer a series of conference

We organize the largest Joomla!® event in Algeria, bringing all communities interested in Joomla! together, by providing them a series of workshops, conferences, and panel in order to track, develop and support Joomla! users in the world, besides, help them exploring and learning more about Joomla!

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Joomla! User Group Zeralda,
Offline community

In addition to the online community, Joomla! User Group Zeralda also active in offline by providing you different activities around Joomla!, such hiking, outdoor activities, relaxing at beaches with sunshine, making new friends, and enjoy the time while exploring more about Joomla!.

joomla!® user groupe offline
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Joomla! User Group Zeralda,
translation joomla!

Providing the localization is an important element on the web. Joomla! User Group Zeralda working to create a translated version of Joomla! in Arabic with high-quality translation.